The XIII Club Special: Martyrs (2008) and Suspiria (1977) Film Exchange

Today's podcast episode is a very special one, for two reasons. It's the first episode to be released under the new podcast's name: The Pretty Spooky Podcast is now The XIII Club Podcast! If you missed our announcement, click here for more info, or check our last post here on the site.

WARNING: While our episode itself is no more graphic than normal and verbally we don't get explicit with it, we are discussing Martyrs, which is a bit extreme even for a horror movie, which means we do talk about some things that could be potentially triggering.

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This episode is special because we stray a bit from our standard episode structure to talk about two of our favorite movies of all time. Spectre and Miramay did a sort of favorite movie swap, where each watched the other's favorite horror film for the first time, and then met back up to talk about it! So Miramay watched Martyrs, Spectre's favorite film, and Spectre watched Suspira, which is Miramay's favorite.


In today's episode we get deep into spoilers and plot points so if you're concerned about being spoiled, you may want to skip this episode. But if you don't mind that kind of thing, please join us! We had a ton of fun recording this episode, and may do another one like it some time in the future.

If you want to watch either movie before you listen, to be in on our disccussion, Martyrs is available to watch on Amazon and Youtube for a small fee, and Suspiria is availabe to watch for free on the Midnight Pulp streaming site

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