The XIII Club 7: Saucy Minx Grandma

In this episode, a listener hits us with his spooky ghost story, Miramay goes over a terrifying now-defunct facebook mystery, and Spectre found her superstition book. Thank you a million times, again to Jacob for sharing his story with us! Listen to the episode for info on how to submit your own story for the show as well. This is somewhat of a landmark episode, the first official one under the name The XIII Club! Thanks for listening!

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Gifs of the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" scene from Ghost Adventures, as mentioned by Spectre. Gifs by, click through the link to view the original post!
I believe the original episode is for the location Rose Hall.

Scare Theater Video on Ahenobarbus Henocied


Deburke321 Video featuring art by Yuko Tatsushima

Spectre's two kitten babies, ready 2 shipDiaAnLjU0AEibxJ


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