Pretty Spooky Podcast Status Update: You Are Cordially Invited To The XIII Club...

Announcement time!

After much thought and deliberation, we are going to change the name of the Pretty Spooky Podcast. Initially, when we came up with the name, we chose it because it was something we liked, that we felt accurately represented us, and wasn't already taken. However, in our search, we didn't find the Pretty Scary Podcast, which did already exist. It's too similar - when you search for our name, you find their podcast, and it's not fair to us or them. So we've decided that we are rebranding a little! We will be making the exact same type of content and we will have the same schedule, but we will now be called The XIII Club (The Thirteen Club) Podcast, and if you listen to Episode 6, you'll know why! Thanks for sticking with us; we promise we aren't going anywhere, we're just changing our name. Thanks again!

--Spectre & Miramay


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Miranda AKA Miramay Cosplay ✨ Member of @ominous_glitch, cohost of the XIII Club Podcast. Comic book store magical-girl clown. Self-deprecating comedic relief friend. Meganekko princess.