The XIII Club 5: Cut The Sheet

Hello again! In episode 5 of the Pretty Spooky Podcast, Spectre goes into the myths and history of Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington (and shares her own experiences there), and Miramay digs deep into the truth behind the ghost of Nell Cropsey in Elizabeth City, NC.

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Three seperate takes on the Nell Cropsey legend, referenced by Miramay in her retelling

The Dead Files episode "A Watery Grave", discussing the legend and investigating the supposed hauntings (DailyMotion)


Nell Cropsey And Jim Wilcox: The Chill of Destiny by William E. Dunstan (Amazon)

This is the book Miramay read that she pulled many of her facts about the case from. It's available on Kindle, and is free to read with Kindle Unlimited.


Manresa Castle official website

Ghost Adventures episode "Manresa Castle" (DailyMotion)

mentioned by Spectre in the episode

Manresa Castle page on

Olympic Peninsula Paranormal Society's page for Manresa Castle

Some EVP evidence can be heard if you click on the sidebar link titled "posted evidence"

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