The XIII Club 9: Why Don't You Just Say No?

In this week's episode of the XIII Club Podcast, Spectre covers the horrifying true crime tale (with a recent update!) of the murder and torture of Junko Furuta and Miramay takes us on a twisting and turning journey through the spooks of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Also, pregnancy is like, super scary.

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Chilling Details About The Murder of Junko Furuta AKA The Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder (Ranker)

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Ayase Girls High School "Yuan Boy" of Concrete Stuffed Murder was arrested for attempted murder this time!(translated; Daily Shincho)

Interview With A Cannibal - Vice Meets documentary with Issei Sagawa

Inside the 'ghost towns' of N.J.'s Pine Barrens (

Jersey Devil and Folklore (

Ong’s Hat: Piney Ghost Town or Gateway to Another Dimension? (

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