The XIII Club 1: Hashtag Groaning Cake



In our inaugural podcast, get introduced (or re-introduced) to your hosts Sweet Spectre and Miramay, discussing our passion for all things creepy from the depths of youtube to film, to novels, to comics, and everything in between. Spectre discusses the films The Eyes of My Mother and Lake Mungo, and Miramay talks about the Youtube series KrainaGrzybowTV

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Watch the trailer for Eyes of My Mother:

Watch the trailer for Lake Mungo:

Watch the first episode of KrainaGryzyboTv:

(or watch NightmareExpo's video on the topic)

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Miranda AKA Miramay Cosplay ✨ Member of @ominous_glitch, cohost of the XIII Club Podcast. Comic book store magical-girl clown. Self-deprecating comedic relief friend. Meganekko princess.